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The Heritage of the Griot!

The West African griot (gri7ot) arose from the Mandinka empire in the fifteenth century. A griot is a learned storyteller, entertainer, and historian. Often a griot will memorize the genealogy, or family history, of everyone in a village going back centuries. The griots accompany their songs with a kora... Read More

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More Family Tree's

Family trees of immediate families can be found on the Family Archives page. Above is a sample descendant tree of Marty Collier.

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Our Family History

Reunion by Jill Scott

This is the history of Marvell, Arkansas' #1 family!!!

For the most up-to-date family trees, books, reports, calendars, etc.


The important family documents listed below are updated biweekly:

Overall Family Trees

  1. Ferd Moore All in One Tree
  2. Roxie Taylor Descendant Tree
  3. Ruth A. Moore Descendant Tree

The Watson/Taylor Family Books

Watson Family Book

Taylor Family Book

Census Index and Images!!!

  1. Hickory Ridge (Marvell), AR Census Data:
  2. The links above contain, at least, the following info:

    1. Ruth A. Moore Kinship and Genealogoy Reports
    2. Roxie Taylor Kinship and Geneaology Reports
    3. Census Data and Source Documentation
    4. Family Birthday Calendar
    5. Family Maps and Timelines

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Family Pic's

"Pictures are worth a thousand words"

Check out some of the newly posted pictures from various family members. We have everything from newborn baby pic's, to fabulous vacation pic's, it's all here. If you can't get enough on this page, a host of older pictures can be found on the Archives Page.

    Family Tree

Acacia Tree, Tanzania, Africa

I chose this iconic African, Acacia tree as the official image of our family tree. This tree stands in stark contrast to the traditional oak tree and celebrates the richness and diversity of families in the African diaspora.

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Towonda's Site

Family Member Sites

Rod Dailey's:
Personal, Professional

Towonda KilPatrick

B.J. and Terry's Play

Arnedia Carter's Site

Arnedia Carter's Site #2

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