Reunion Tee-Shirts

Tee-Shirt Committee

We are well aware how important tee-shirts are to the overall success of our reunion. Sharon has taken the initiative, and ensured that we have tee-shirts this year. Thank You, Sharon, for all of your hard work.
Youth - $10, Adults - $10.

See the shirt design above.


    Marvell, Ark

Marvell, Arkansas

The family reunion provides a perfect opportunity to return to Marvell, many of our family member's birthplace. There you may reconnect with old friends, visit memorable sites from your youth, or attend Asbury Baptist church.

14th Annual Family Reunion 2006

Hosts: Phyllis/Bobbie

Where: Little Rock, Arkansas. Maumelle Park, Pavilion 7

When: June 18, 2011

  • A 10 dollar contribution is requested for all of those that are 18 and up.

  • T Shirts will be 10 dollars for sizes small, med, large, and extra large. 12 dollars for plus sizes

The 2011 family reunion will build on the success of the previous reunions. We will continue to reach out to extended family in our efforts to increase the size of our annual reunion.

You all have seen what digital pictures can do for our web-site. Don't forget to bring your cameras for the individual and group pictures.

Above all we're going to have fun, and lots of it. See you there!!!

by Gladys Knight

Feedback from the 2004 Reunion

Chestnut FamilyThe 2004 Family Reunion

...was held at Aunt Marty's & Mack's place in Holly Grove, Arkansas.

The family joined together for two days of fellowship and fun. Volleyball seemed to be the star attraction, along with Brendon's hunt for the local cat. The food was great and plentiful. As usual, there were card games, dominoes (bones), chess, and plenty of good conversation. Aunt Marty led the effort to secure more family facts by calling Rufus Tate II (aka: Buddy). Buddy provided us with many names and birthdates that were missing on the family tree. Many others helped the effort by filling out Registration forms.

Reunion Pictures

    2004 Reunion

"Do cats really have nine lives?"

I certainly hope so, because Brendon Mason scared this little cat to death, only to nurse it back to life using his own water bottle. This is just one of the memorable moments you missed if you weren't at this year's reunion.

In short, the Olympic volleyball players can't touch us!!!!

    St. Louis, MO

Andrew Chestnut and Jacquelin Quarles

Check out scenes from Hircle Chestnut's family gathering over Thanksgiving...

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