Haiti, 200 Years of Freedom!

Between 1791 and 1804, hundreds of thousands of Africans enslaved in Haiti ignored the rivers, forests, precipices, swamps, mountains, gorges, bloodhounds, rifles, cannons, and whips that separated them and united to launch a massive, brilliantly executed, spectacular war of liberation that the armies of Spain, England, and France (with the help of the United States) all fought desperately ? and failed absolutely ? to crush.

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    Venezuela Love!

Venezuela honors Dr. King

Venezuela honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a National holiday, Bolivarian school, and photo expo. Dr. King believed that people everywhere should have...education and culture for their minds, and dignity,equality, and freedom for their spirits. Hugo Chavez is implementing Dr. King's vision in Venezuela!
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News Affecting African-Americans

"Commentary, analysis, and investigations, on issues affecting African-Americans."

This site has a wealth of articles dealing with current events from an African-American perspective. Past issues are reproduced in full, so be sure to check out the "past issues" link on their homepage.... Read More

Family News Headlines -

Top Ten Family News Stories:

  1. "Buddy", Millie, Albert, and Charity Tate contacted!
  2. James and Emma Tate, born 1835, found on 1870 census!
  3. Charity Tate provided the names of her children/grandchildren!
  4. Arthur Watson, born 1853, found on 1880 census!
  5. Helen Davis locates Sam Davis' b-day, d-day! Sam's info also found in the SS Index.
  6. Trinity Cole born to Tina Robinson and Jeff Cole!
  7. Doris Alexander (Leon) provided the names of her children/grandchildren! Angie/Arnedia provided the names of their children also.
  8. Brooke Harrison's Sweet 16 b-day, 09/30/04!!! Read about her dance plans.
  9. Thelma B. Palmer is this month's family feature "Family Feature" !!!
  10. The SSA did not have the Social Security numbers for Daniel Robinson's parents.
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A Child is Born!!!

Trinity Latrice Cole was born to Tina Robinson and Jeff Cole on Sunday, September 12, 2004. Trinity weighs roughly 7 lbs, and she is 20.5 inches long. Both parents are healthy and doing well.

We have several pictures of our beautiful, new relative. Take a look at these wonderful Baby Pictures.

Who's Your Great-grandparent?

After wasting months searching the Marvell, AR census files from 1860-1930, I recently discovered that many of our kindred are actually enumerated in the census files for Hickory Ridge township, Phillips County, AR. I've posted a Family Census Index with surnames and links to the appropriate census images. Check the "Family History Page" frequently, as I am constantly posting new information.

See Arthur Watson on the 1880 Census Form.

    Family Headlines!

Family News:

  1. Give Rod a call or text to post some news

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    Blacks in War

Our role in U.S. Wars

Powhatan Blake was presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service during the Civil War. He and other brave men fought to form a more perfect union. Later the Harlem Hellfighters or the 369th infantry fought bravely in WWI alongside the French. The French treated them well and presented them with numerous awards. In WWII, the 761st tank battalion helped to free France and Europe from Hitler's grip. We salute these black soldiers and all that they have done to improve America's position on the world stage.

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